Wednesday, January 9, 2013

26 weeks

How Far Along? 26 weeks
Size of baby? Lettuce 
Gender? BABY BOY
Sleep? getting less and less existent everyday.
Food Cravings? not much. trying to get back to some basic proteins and veggies these days, and get my workouts more scheduled. Work is crazy right now so I am going need to do it before or after work.
What I Miss? not much...besides being able to bend well and roll over in bed :)
Symptoms? hard to sit, belly coming out of no where, can my boobs get any bigger?!?...
Belly Button? getting tighter
Best Moment of the Week? 
One was having my girlfriends Friday feel Avery kick. Since I went back to work I have noticed when I sit for hours at work Avery finds his way up, up, up into my rib cage. Friday I wore a leopard belt to work with 2 notches left and during dinner he was so far up that I could not breathe after eating half of my meal and I had to take off my belt and stand. I basically tried to push his back down. He has spent the last 5 months or so carrying very low, but recently I have noticed his play time he loves to spend in my rib cage and plays all over. We have decided by month 8 when he runs out of room he is going to be pissed....maybe he will come early :) (healthy early). 

I got spoiled by my co-worker who brought me 2 cakes with fruit on them (can you tell I eat a lot of fruit!!!)...Cheesecake and a regular strawberry cake...and flowers. Make my day!!

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