Wednesday, January 16, 2013

27 Weeks

How Far Along? 27 weeks
Size of baby? Rutabaga ...WTH???
Maternity Clothes? I got a few more basics so I do not feel like I have nothing to wear but I am still wearing my regular cardigans and shirts besides a few
Weight Gain? more than I would have hoped but considering my chest is HUGE, the baby bump is definitely there ....the weight is no choice
Stretch Marks?  NOPE!! :) for now...lets hope for good
Gender? my precious baby boy
Sleep? same old same old
Food Cravings? I have been really good lately and even have people comment at work how I eat too well for a prego and should let myself go.... well I figure the more I let go the more I have to work to get back and the better I eat the better Avery eats.  That is not to say that my snacks at work don't have a few dark covered almonds or my dinner can't have a side of frozen yogurt :) So we have been making our lunches on Sundays for the week and for the most part my meals go to plan. For breakfast it is either cereal or toast with nutella and a grapefruit. If I could wake up earlier I would have eggs like Wes does. Snacks throughout the day - yogurt with granola and berries, apples with peanut butter, raw almonds with 6 dark chocolate covered almonds, clementines, celery and carrots, banana -  mix and match and have 2 -3 of these a day. Then for lunch I have been very stuck on my salads lately with are either with spinach or spring mix, strawberries, and chicken with a poppyseed dressing - this is heavenly!!! When and if I am turned off by the repetition I get a turkey burger from the cafe at work or bring tuna in. 
What I Miss? not much. Really can't wait to meet him these days!
Symptoms? Never ever going to the bathroom, if you know what I mean. Seriously...this is getting painful and ridiculous.
Belly Button? IN!
Best Moment of the Week? 
We have our first shower next weekend and some of the items were shipped to us this week. Crazy to see our house starting to be filled with baby items. We also got in the mail some maternity clothes, baby room decor, etc. We moved it all downstairs to the unfinished space as we prepare to start the hardwood floors in the 3 bedrooms and the stairs. This past week we got 10 bids and are in the process of comparing them and choosing the "winner." The floors will take a week (monday through friday) to complete so the weekend before and after will be moving the stuff in and out of the rooms. We will live in the basement guest bedroom during this time. Wes and Brian will move what Wes and I cannot do and they will install Avery's new closet system. Then Wes and I will repaint all the trim and doors and we are ready for the furniture to be delivered :)!!!


  1. Try colace plus stimulant laxative. I had it real bad with Cal and after a few days that helped!! You are getting closer!! It will get better soon!!

  2. I am taking 3-6 a day!! Its getting better but painful...I am hoping for the better part soon...something no one ever told me about pregnancy :(


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