Wednesday, January 23, 2013

28 weeks

How Far Along? 28 weeks
Size of baby?  Eggplant
Gender?  BOY oh Boy
Sleep? This week it was decent - no complaints.
Food Cravings?  nothing I can remember. 
What I Miss?  Not having constant pressure on my mid section :)
Symptoms? This week my active child came back! Boy did he decide that he needed to show me how strong and busy he is. The kicking is starting to feel like I have a bruise on my right side and when he does his complete flips it feels like my organs are being pinched. But on the bright side it is nice he is saying hi. Not that I got worried when he was less active the past few weeks but it was a strange change of pace. He better enjoy the room while he has it because it is running out!
Belly Button?  IN!!
Best Moment of the Week? 
This past weekend was our first baby shower. It was a co-gender shower at 7pm Saturday night. It was casual and relaxed and PERFECT! My SIL and BIL hosted at their house. After it was over I think this wee one has more clothes than us!! And I do not know where we will store all these blankets - lol.  We got some of the exciting BIG items on the registry which always is relief :) - the car seat, pack and play, swing, and play gym! 

On Sunday while boys were watching football my MIL and I went shopping and I found about 15 pairs of pants to match the 101 tops he got. I got them from Kohls, Old Navy and TJMaxx on clearence and they were $1 -2 each! I call that a WIN!  

12 MORE WEEKS (or less :) to go!! 

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