Wednesday, January 30, 2013

29 Weeks

How Far Along? 29 weeks
Size of baby? Acom Squash
Sleep? not good...but not because of the baby...self inflicted by over doing it thesed days
Food Cravings? not much too busy to overthink food these days
What I Miss? not working on the house.. I kid but seriously I have not relaxed in 10 days. I have not read a book, watched tv, napped, anything.  
Symptoms? this week had been pretty awesome... he is moving a lot and when I finally lay down at midnight, with my heating pad on my back I stay awake for about an hour taking in his little movements, kicks, and etc. I love trying to guess what each body part is and I am trying for those few minutes to appreciate this process before it flies by and he is a teenager one day!
Belly Button? in but getting tight
Best Moment of the Week? This week the HARDWOOD got installsed! woo hoo!! Over the weeekend we moved all the furniture and then pulled the carpet, pad, nails, and tack strips out of the 3  bedrooms and then painted the basefloor with kilz. Once we were done it was amazing and exhausting!

Monday the guys came to install the wood. By end of day 2 rooms were done! So of course I went OVERBOARD Monday night. Painted all the trim in our master bedroom, moved the furniture and deepcleaned each piece that was put back.

Needless to say we are in full swing preparing for Mr. Avery's arrival!

I will post all about that project later!

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