Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Avery: Extra Extra

Here are some of the ridiculously cute items Avery has so far!

I ordered some stickers that sort of match Avery's room. 

The adorable onsie Karli and Matt got him for his gender reveal. 

Ordered this on Etsy....just like my dad's car!!

we didn't buy this but made us laugh

Didn't buy this either...but how cute!!

Here are some gifts we have recently got:

His going to grandma's house shirt.

His hat collection has begun.

Possibly his come home outfit?? Maybe he will born on opening day!! cute!!

I love his red pants with this button up!

Grandma Cindy got him a summer outfit! With flip flops and sunglasses! 

Aunt Jackie got his a vneck sweater and blue pants! Adorable!

Tie with dog bones...very appropriate in our house!

His first cardinals shirts thanks to Nathan!

Linen shirt and Linen red pants!

Just a really cute onsie!

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