Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Back to the To Do List - Wes' Baby Book

Since Christmas I have been lazy and tired after work and I have given in and laid in bed and read, played on the internet, watched TV, etc. But now the clock is ticking and Mr. Avery will be here sooner than later and I have few projects to finish up.... for one scanning photos. 

I asked Wes to watch his TV, Movies or play his video games downstairs so I will work in my office and multitask getting things done! Night one has been a huge success. So far I have scanned over 100 photos of Wes as a baby { which we will use for showers, baby book comparisons, etc as well as was on my to do list.} Once I finish scanning my family photos I plan on scanning all of his family for his mom as well.  Why won't I just come down here and do it by myself....well its sort of lonely, cold, and all the dogs want to sit on my lap. 

This week I need to finish his baby book so I can return them when we go back to Canton Saturday for my first baby shower!

The nice thing about my scanner is it scans multiple pictures at once and takes a few minutes. This leaves me time to read or browse the internet in between setting up the scanner.

Here were a few of my favorite scan of little baby Wes of the evening...this is the kid I hope I recreate...I've been in love with baby Wes since I first saw him :)

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