Tuesday, January 1, 2013

LAS VEGAS 12.28 - 12.31

From December 28 - 31 we went to Las Vegas and we stayed at the Paris Hotel.  This was orginally my idea that we should go to Vegas to celebrate my 28th birthday (27th of December) and Drew's girlfriend Jacklyn's 21st birthday (28th of December). This was a great idea before I was 25 weeks pregnant :). I am kidding I had a great time and it was nice to get away one last time before Avery gets here.

On a random exciting note we went to the outlet mall and they had a Kate Spade Outlet and I found the baby bag I had been looking for and I got it 75 % off!!!  I am pretty excited about it and its nice to have one more thing off the baby list!!

us reading our baby books

the young ones passed out

Southwest sang her happy birthday and made her a peanut and pretzel crown

Her first time gambling!

The Paris Las Vegas

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