Monday, January 21, 2013

Monday Off - To Do List.

This weekend we had our first baby shower, which I will do a post on later. We left Saturday and came home Sunday, so if this was a normal weekend it would have FLEW by. But thank god for MLK - and getting the day off of work!! I started the day by meeting my cousin Tara and going to her house to get a brief reminder of how to use my sewing machine and she also helped me sew 2 of the baby blankets I wanted to make Avery. After the shower - blankets were the last think we needed (I think we got 5 handmade blankets :).  I had already bought the fabric and since we are removing the remaining carpet our house has in a week, these blankets were meant to be for playtime comfort for Avery and easily washable (as well my first sew projects and not the best made). 

Here are some pictures of the the sewing project. When I got home I had 1 more blanket to do. While doing the blanket, I scanned 100+ photos as well. I got through one photo album that had over 300 pictures in it! One more to do and then I can hopefully get back to working on my family's photos and finishing those before Avery arrives (only a few thousand left!!). 
Fabric laid out (inside out)
Fabric laid out (inside out)
Pinned the fabric all the way around
Sew all the way around then trim off excess fabric

Flip blanket inside out. 
add another row of stitching to have a border.


The other 2 blankets I made.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the evening!

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  1. I have a feeling Avery will look just like Wes!


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