Monday, January 7, 2013

My favorite things 2012

I love to do a post on my favorite things. I am no Oprah, but I also love giving people some of my favorite things as well. But these things are products that made my year! ( No specific order)

Sweater Dryer {Hamilton Beach Quick Dry Drying Station - Discontinued}
Over the years I have ruined so many nice sweater by not properly washing, drying, and hanging them. With my closet purging project I had to wear all the sweaters/cardigans I owned (over 50)and I decided not to wash them until I knew the best way to do so. In my research I found this awesome product. To my disappointment it was DISCONTINUED!!! Reviews were amazing and I have to AGREE! I washed and dryed all 50 sweaters properly in 2 days! It holds 4 at a time and dries them in about 2 hours. No more weird wrinkles or marks from line drying! I absolutely love it! I found it on EBAY for $30 but it originally retailed for over $100.

Maternity Jeans
I really didn't expect to like or even love maternity clothes. But to my surprise I found that not only was there a ton of cute petite pants out there, but they were stylish, cute, comfortable and CHEAP! I got almost everything from Macy's Motherhood section or Motherhood Maternity/Destination Maternity for $30-$40 each. Since I wear them everyday I bought 7 pairs from the beginning and it has been so nice to always have something that fits, looks good, and feels good on!

I love to be organized and I love to use up/finish products I own. I get a weird sense of accomplishment throwing away a PEN! Lotion, makeup etc! Goes back to having a mother that has an impulsive spending habit and having too many trinkets and trash as a kid. 
At one point a few years ago I had enough makeup to last years. I have either used it up or thrown it away and I genuinely get excited when I NEED something. So what I do have now is 1 drawer or sits on my vanity in my bathroom. Since I love to declutter when I found this product I was in heaven! I am sure we have all seen the pins on pinterest with the cutsy magnet boxes to put your makeup in, and I even made a few. But nothing compares to these. Better made and fits in your makeup bag. So I removed all my makeup from the pots or containers have never looks back! Instead of a ton of small pots I have 2 of these bad boys! 
I got the professional size ones and they were $25 each and I found a coupon online for 20% off and free shipping.

Fence in the yard
When we bought our house we wanted a BIG, FLAT, FENCED in backyard. And that is what we got! We love it! Minus that our 3 smaller dogs could fit through the fence wander the woods, etc. this had been an issue for 4 years but I really did not know what to do about it. When we found out about the baby we immediately knew we could not continue to yell and scream at the dogs everyday "GET back in HERE!" I could only imagine our babies first world being GET or BAD DOG

After hours and hours of research and finding many people have this same issue, boy are there some funny products to try and solve the problem, we settled on what would work for us! 
It is a wire fencing coating in black rubber. We picked one that had larger holes so it was less noticeable and we used zip ties to hold it up. Cost about $200 and took about 4 hours. It has changed our DAILY LIFE! So relieving to know the dogs can't get our and animals can't get in! { The dogs loved to chase bunnies out of the yard before.}

Personalized Journals - by Jenni Bick Bookbinding
When my dad died I swore I was going to get a journal and write down memories as I thought of them. As 2 years approaches I REGRET that I had not done this. Time has flown by and so have my vivid stories and memories. I ordered a journal with "memories of dad" on the cover. I ordered some extras for friends that lost their parents as well. I will be gifting this knowing the comfort this book could bring people :)

I ordered one for Avery as well. I have had the idea to have a journal for each kid since I nannied. So many things happen day to day and you lose the memories pretty quickly. I plan to use the journal to help add some good content to his yearly photobook(s) as well as be a timepiece of his lifetime.

Teddy Bears
When my dad died my co-workers had a bear made from my dad's sweater. For Christmas I had one made for each of my nieces, my sister, my mom, and Avery and future babies as well. They were $25 and build a bear had nothing on these memorable bears! They were adorable! I will update with pictures later.

And many others but these were sort of big ones! 

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