Wednesday, February 20, 2013

30 Weeks

Better late than never...

How Far Along? 30 weeks
Size of baby? Cucumber
Sleep? By the time I actually lay down I sleep well since I am exhausted from working all day and then working on the house :) getting ready for baby is so worth it all!
Food Cravings? Do not have time for craving but I have been liking banana taffy :)
What I Miss? Being asleep before midnight! Not cleaning the house all the time. My back not aching. 
Symptoms? Belly is getting bigger and bigger
Belly Button? getting tighter 
Best Moment of the Week? Averys's furniture was DELIVERED and closet installed! In his room he has a crib, nightstand, dresser with Hutch, and glider. There was a 5-drawer chest that we put in the spare bedroom for now. He also has a rediculous closet system and is all organized as well! They say the furniture makes it more real, and it is so nice to just got in there and move stuff around and dream about him. The dogs are loving it and have been napping in front of the crib which I find cute. I have taken a couple of naps on the gliber with the pups. Breaking them in to what the new room is all about right - sleep :)

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