Wednesday, February 20, 2013

31 Weeks

How Far Along? 31 weeks
Size of baby? Pineapple
Sleep? Why o why did that have to end! My bump got huge this last week or so and that plus doing a little too much has made some achey back which is turn has made sleeping and getting comfortable a challenge.
Food Cravings? Hum ... none that I remember - been back on a grapefruit/clemintine kick.
What I miss? This week was very busy. I have been curious what it is like to do nothing for one day. I don't know if I would like it though. The pups would disagree.
Symptoms? Roundness - all over. I have decided that I do not "wear" pregnancy well. I just look overweight. I have decided that I sit behind a desk for 12 hours a day so it doesn't matter how bad I look for another 8 weeks or so.
Belly Button? Still in!
Best Moment of the Week?  This week was our friends shower. Theme: From Beer Bottles to Baby Bottles!! It was co-ed party and it was PERFECT! Wes and I cannot stop talking about how much fun we had. Monica and Karli spearheaded the operation and my other friends brought food and drinks. I will post seperately on the details of the shower because I could go on and on right now.

Wes' parents came in town one last time for it and it was weird to think the next time we saw them we would be parents ourselves!!

Christina, Haley and I also hit up a baby bonanza sale and I got some older kid clothes for my little man - a few really cute cardinals and chiefs items which of course Wes approved of!

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