Wednesday, February 20, 2013

32 Weeks

How Far Along? 32 weeks
Size of baby? Squash
Sleep? Getting better more restful sleep. I am working some long days so when I get home, I get a few things done and pass out!
Food Cravings? nothing.
What I miss? Relaxation and getting things off my personal at home to do list. Which I cannot have both of those so I would choose the to do list first but I think I am getting steps.
Symptoms? Belly...belly..belly. Its hard to miss. And my tata's too.
Belly Button?Still in!
Best Moment of the Week? He has been very very active lately. I read a few things that at this point they are sleeping 90 percent of the day. I think it is safe to say he is not doing this yet. He is still trying to do whatever he can with the room left, like he knows his days of moving around are numbered or something. Wes gets more excited everyday and I love that he shares his enthusiasum. This weekend we have our last baby shower and we will be ready to finish up all the final details.

We got a few vintage cardinals and chiefs pennants for him that I need to have framed, a few other things framed, hang up all wall decor, make returns and purchases, get a bag together for the hospital, maybe take a hosptial visit and preregister??, find a peditrician, and finalize a I said just a FEW things!

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