Wednesday, February 27, 2013

33 Weeks

How Far Along? 33 weeks  - 7 weeks left - give or take
Size of baby? Durian Fruit ...WTH??!?
Sleep? 4am bathroom breaks makes for a short sleep, takes forever to get back to bed, and then I finally do and it is so hard to get out of bed. 
Food Cravings? Buffalo Chicken dip from my family shower...OMG and fro yo for lunch one day :)
What I Miss? Not being a round short lady...seriously this does not look good on me :) but I am sure its worth it..
Symptoms? See question above...I am a large pregnant lady. 
Belly Button? Getting tighter, but in. 
Best Moment of the Week? 
This week was CRAZY! Over the weekend we had our last shower, my family shower. My cousin Tara and Aunt Yvonne threw one hell of shower for us. It was adorable (and I have no photos yet because I didn't take any but I will post them when I get them). I have been working like crazy as well. Just a busy time of year and I have known 2 people this last week have their babies 5 weeks early so each day when I leave at 8pm I think - What if I didn't come back to work for 8-10 weeks?!?

After the shower we began opening all the gifts from all of our showers and assembling the items we would need for him right away - Stroller (so in love and we have been walking it around the house!), car seat installed and my cute little mirrors as well, pack and play with bassinet, bouncer, swing, and rock and play. So I am pretty comfortable that if this baby came tomorrow we are good to go. I only need the mattress delivered and to pick up the monitor and we have all the big items done. Then I began to wash stuff too - just the newborn clothes, socks, hats, bibs, and bath stuff.  Started to pack diaper bags as well, completely unnecessary but I love them and its fun to play house. This weekend we plan to return a few things and get anything that is necessary to pick up ASAP. 

I made a list for the hospital bag. I will wait a bit on this, or until I get a wild hair to do it, but it gives me an idea of what not to forget. 

We ordered some photo props for his hospital and newborn photos off Etsy. We went to have his vintage cardinals and chiefs pennants custom framed. Looking for a metal accent piece to use magnets for photos and other items as he grows. Things are coming together and the days and weeks are flying by, and I hope these next few do as well.

And then the basement flooded! We woke up Tuesday to an inch of water in our basement. After hours of cleanup and a plumber visit, our sump pump was to blame. Thankfully we had no damage and about $375 later we had a new working one and things could have been a lot lot worse. I was exhausted from cleaning and over doing it, but hey thats my thing, overdoing it :)

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