Thursday, February 21, 2013

House remodel {Hardwood floors and Avery's Closet}

Hardwood floors and Avery's Closet

Monday the guys came to install the wood. By end of day 2 rooms were done! So of course I went OVERBOARD Monday night. Painted all the trim in our master bedroom, moved the furniture and deepcleaned each piece that was put back.

Tuesday - It was on to the "green room" spare bedroom - paint trim and closet doors.

Wednesday- We moved the green room's furniture back in and deep cleaned.

Thursday - We painted doors and trim to the hall bathroom and our master bathroom paint and trm.

Friday - We finished Avery's room and some doors and trim that wasn't done.

Saturday was the big one! We finished the hall way trim and doors and Wes and our friend Brian installed Avery's closet system. I was a giddy school girl when that was done. I literally hugged it! And then I made Wes bring everything upstairs so I could fill it up! We also got the call that the furniture came in and is being delivered Wednesday!!!!

Sunday - We spacked, sanded and painted the trim on the stairs. Painted all the trim, doors, and columns in the living room and then DEEP cleaned! I was done after this and just in time for about 25 guests for our superbowl party.

Monday - We rested for the first time in 9 DAYS!




Avery's Room:

Master Bedroom:

Guest Bedroom:

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