Wednesday, March 20, 2013

36 Weeks

How Far Along? 36 weeks ...WHAT!!!
Size of baby? Honeydew
Sleep? I won't complain here this week...yes up a few times a night but I have been able to go back to sleep better now.
Food Cravings? Hum...My spinach Strawberry chicken salad...I actually had a weak moment at the farmers market and bought a ton of strawberries and made a huge one for people at work... Lets says I made some friends and believers in my awesomely simple and healthy salad! I ate a TON of fruit this week, still.
What I Miss? Actually beer. Just one would be great. Avery is worth waiting for.  I would say touching my feet, but Wes has been amazing and is giving me at least 1 foot rub a day. I would say getting in and out of bed, but Wes is helping in that area too. He's been pretty awesome and we are both super excited to meet our son. Trying to enjoy our sleep, freedom, and our twosome+4dogs for the last few days.
Symptoms? I am a HUGE pregnant lady...what don't I! A HUGE belly...I am swelling, with backpain, pee frequently, and 
Belly Button? Still in!
Best Moment of the Week? 
We finished his ROOM!!! Wes hung up all of the things in his room. His Chiefs and Cardinals pennants, his Avery Pennant, the large A above his bed, and his metal wipe board and coat hook. It looks quite adorable and is pretty much exactly how I pictured it. The entire family seems to be spending more and more time in there everyday! I also went to the doctor and got to hear how healthy he is, always a relief. Next week we start our weekly appointments!

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