Wednesday, March 27, 2013

37 weeks

How Far Along? 37 weeks
Size of baby? Winter Melon
Sleep? I think I am just getting use to getting up 2-3 times a night and never sleeping comfortably :) The funny part is the best sleep I get is when I should be getting up!
Food Cravings? Random this week all wanted a lot of homemade hot ham and cheese - over it now but wow that was a short phase. And we started to make smoothies with our extra berries....yummy!
What I Miss? Seeing my feet, seeing the dog that I trip over 10 times a day, not having swollen feet, and the MAIN on is the constant competition between my son and my ribs. I personally think he will win this battle. I googled it and babies can seperate and break ribs! My doctor comments 2 weeks ago how tight it was getting in there. I can't wait to see what she says tomorrow! If nothing else I have a nice case of bruised ribs for the duration of Mr. Avery's stay in the womb. 
Symptoms? I am extremely swollen....this is getting rediculous. All I want to do is not be seen in this state and I dream of 5pm so I can put my feet up and work from my bed or relax for a few hours and go down to my office and work again. I am scanning slides of Wes from his childhood while I work...multitasking at its best!
Belly Button? In and it might stay that way for a while since this kid seems to not being going outward. He is more taking up every nook he can length-wise. Another reason I look like a FAT lady...not so pregnant look...did I mention I am at the I hate the way I look stage. 
Best Moment of the Week? 
Knowing we are a full term baby is pretty awesome! Knowing we are almost 100% ready for this kid to least at home is pretty great at well. I would love to get this week and next week in at work and then he can FEEL FREE to come on his own at at any moment with out this momma having a breakdown. But even when I say that, I am so uncomfortable... I think anytime sounds like a good time!! :) 
We really cannot wait to meet him. We talk about it all the time and email each other numerous times a day about him. You could say we are already pretty consumed by this wee one!

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