Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Avery {Bold Predictions}

I asked Wes (and some to his mom) while we were hanging out a lot of hypothetical questions. Here are some of Q & A I do:

Q: What day do you think Avery will be born on?
A Wes: April 10
A Cindy: April 13
A Emilie: March 31

Q: What will his birth weight and height be?
A Wes:  21.5 inches8lbs 5oz.
A Emilie: 22 inches - 7lbs 15oz

Q: What color do you think his hair and eyes will be at birth?
A Wes:  dark hair and brown eyes
A Emilie: dark hair and brown/hazelish eyes

Q: Do  you think Avery will be bigger or smaller than Duncan (our 6.8 lb dogie)
A Wes: Bigger for sure. (yippie)

Q:  How old do you think Avery will be when he outgrows me? (I am 5' 1")
A Wes:  10 years old

Q: How tall do you think Avery will be?
A Wes: I hope he is at least 6 foot tall. {Wes is the shortest in his family at 6'2")
A Emilie: 6'3"

Q: What do you think your favorite activity will be with Avery?
A Wes: Golfing
A Emile: Snuggling 

Q: What do you think his favorite sport will be?
A Wes: Football
A Emilie: Golf
A Cindy: Basketball

Q: When will he take his first steps.
A Wes: 12 months
A Cindy: 11 months
A Emilie: 10 months {if I don't coddle him}

Q: When will he get his first tooth?
A Wes: 4.5 months
A Cindy: 4 months

Q: When will he say his first word and what will it be?
A Wes: 7 months - "Hi"
A Cindy: 8 months - "dadda"
A Emilie: 6 months - "dog"

Q: Which dog will be Avery's Favorite?
A Wes: As a baby Gibson.
A Cindy: Cy
A Emilie: Gibson

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  1. Match 31st? Keep him cooking! Bigger baby = better sleep!!!!


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