Saturday, March 16, 2013

Surprise Work Baby Shower

My co-workers (mainly Shannon and Stacey) threw me a surprise baby shower at work. It was pretty awesome how they tricked me too. 

I was suppose to help a co-worker with a project and we had a meeting to work on it in a conference room. I got in my work mode and she keep trying to act like someone needed the conference room and was kicking us out, which they weren't and I really wanted to finish what we started. At this point we were 10 minutes over.  (All I can imagine is 30 people in a room waiting for me! opps!)  

So my boss comes down and say "we have an impromptu meeting." I immediately and rudely ask 100 questions about what it was about and he wouldn't look me in the eye and weirdly said "payment terms." He could have said 100 other things and I would have believed him, but the way he said gave away that something was going on. Then he as we walked out of the room, I noticed few people were on the floor. I then began to babble and break out in hives. (did I mention I HATE people looking at me... especially when I am huge! so I freaked out - which is what I do). As we walked to the biggest conference room on our floor I was sweating and freaking out and very surprised, even if my boss gave it away.

Anyway, in pure Emilie fashion I was extremely awkward the ENTIRE time. I had no idea how to act, what to say, and I shook the entire time I opened my gifts. It had to be painful to watch. Needless to say I was extremely thankful to them for the effort and thought and wish I knew how to act more natural!

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