Monday, April 22, 2013

Avery {Labor and Delivery}

We were so happy to have scheduled induction at 12:01 am on Thursday April 18, 2013!!!  So at 9:30 om on Wednesday April 17 we left our house to grab dinner. I googled a bunch of places to see what restaurants served dinner after 10pm. I found an article that said a restaurant I loved, Benton Park Cafe. We get there right at 10 and they are closing - heart broken. So we head towards the hospital and figure we find something. I wanted non-chain food. So we saw Courtesy Dinner and learned the hard way it is more of an "after-bars" kind of place.

Then I called the hospital to make sure they were ready for us. They had just admitted a few moms and asked if we could come in at 12:30. Since we were about 15 minutes away and had nothing to do we just got there early and told them we knew we had to wait - no big deal, and it was better than waiting in the car. So we started ht paperwork but waited to check in until 12:01. Then we were taken to our labor and delivery room and started the 101 questions, got my IV, took vitals etc. I was a big baby during while getting my IV in. I have never had one and then my vein rolled and she had to dig for. Little did I know, that pain would soon mean a whole different thing.  This all took until 2:30am when I finally got the pitocin to start my labor. When I arrived I was still 1.5 cm dilated. We were able to get comfortable and get a few hours of sleep before the contractions really started to wake me up. At 8am they checked me again and I was still at a 1.5! They decided to break my water and get things really going. I if it was going to hurt and they said it wasn't too bad. Why do I even ask?? I always have it go different they expect. Because I was not dilated enough it was very difficult and one of the most painful things I had done during my delivery. It was finally over at 8:30am and I would being to experience some real labor now. 

From 8:30 until noon I had contractions without drugs and only dilated to a 4. The nurse kept asking me if I wanted my epidural and I kept turning her down. I really do not know why I thought I was not in full labor and needed to keep going to get things moving (this was my first time having a child and all :). 

At noon I received my epidural and it was easy and I am glad that I did it. The most painful thing about it had nothing to do with actually getting the epidural. Avery moved up in my ribcage which is where is loved to be the last few months and when I had to bend over for the doctor I couldn't breathe because my little man was way up in my lungs. For the next few hours I just labored without much pain or complications and I could still move my legs and move around on my own. The worse of it was from getting a full refill of the epidural and it made my entire lower half go completely numb and then got back spasms along with it. Once that wore off we stuck to half doses of the medicine and that worked much better. With these half doses I there soon was a pattern of them wearing off about 2 hours later. It took a few rounds to figure out that when my pain was at a 4 I needed a refill immediately or I quickly would be a 6-7-8...and by the time I got the medicine I was in a lot of pain. 

At 5:45pm my pitocin to the full amount (30) and only got my dilation to 4cm. They turned off the pitocin at 7pm and gave me antibiotics since my water had been broken for almost 12 hours. At 11pm the I was only to 7cm and they added the pitocin back on and if it didn't work I was looking at needing a c-section.  Thankfully it worked and at 6am I was at 9.5 cm and pushed for a bit to get things going a bit. They were having a hard time getting the baby's heartbeat and the doctor was called to come in and we were being briefed on the c-section. By the time the doctor got there I was 10cm and the baby was doing fine. At 6:15 I started to push for the next hour. Within 15 minutes I noticed my pain medicine wearing off and she called for more. Within minutes I could feel everything and had to push for 15 minutes like this. When she checked me nothing had happened and I could keep pushing but she didn't think that it was going to work and we should get the OR ready. 

From there everything happened so quickly. More pain medicine was administered and off we were to the OR {29 hours later). Within minutes I was being cut and Mr. Avery was born at 7.28am weighing 8 pounds 10 ounces and 19 inches long. 

It was an amazing experience and it REALLY was NOT bad at all. The pain was tolerable and I could have pushed or labored for hours longer than I did (pain meds are amazing things). He's healthy, happy and beautiful and we could not as for more!

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