Thursday, May 23, 2013

Favorite Products {May}

After the first month of Avery's life here are some more products I have learned to LOVE!

My BreastFriend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
I orginally used the Boppy or just pillow to breast feed but I could not get comfortable! The pillow would slip and baby would fall and then I am trying to hold up my son while feeding him for 45-60 minutes - it was not FUN! I had heard about this pillow and it is AMAZING! It secures to you and is flat and hard for the baby to lay on. It also has an awesome pouch to put things like your phone, pacifiers, etc! My #1 Favorite product!

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer
Avery loves this thing, especially if he is in a content mood after feeding, I can sit him it and do things like TAKE A SHOWER!

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier
This has been a lifesaver and honestly dinner would not get made without it. If Avery is fussy and won't let me put him down I can always put him in here and then go about my chores that need to get done by a certain time or do my hair and makeup if we are trying to leave.

Leachco Podster Lounger
I got this without registering for it and thought OH GREAT add it to the 100 other baby holders we have {swing, Nap Nanny, Rock and Play, Boopy, Bouncer, etc} but it really gets its use in our house! At night if AVery won't let me put him in his bed he can usually got down in here and then he is not sleeping on us or next to us but yet we can hold his pacifier in or just twirl his hair. We use it a lot on the couch as well, then we can multitask. And recently I have used it when he gets out of the bath to put his lotion on and wrap him up in his towel. 

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Swing
So far during the day Avery does not take naps well in his crib or bassinet (they last about 20 minutes). But if we put him in the swing he will sleep for an hour plus!

Chicco Lulaby Play Yard
We set the pack and play up in our bedroom for the bassinet but I love the changing station on it. We use this this all day everyday! I think we will keep in it our room until he is 3 months old and full time in his bedroom. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hospital Bag and Packing

I had a really hard time packing my hospital bag and obsessed about what to take and not take. After 35 weeks I had my bags in my car except my makeup and other stuff I used daily.  After I got my induction date I repacked my final bags, and removed 2 whole bags. I have to say I used 90 percent of what I brought and I am really thankful for what I did bring. 

To come up with the list I asked friends, googled, and just thought about I would take on vacation.

Here is the main list and what I recommend:

  • Hospital Gown - I bought and wore my own gown! And It was one of my favorite things I did! Every single nurse comments on how much they loved it and it made me feel a little more human! I got it at Cotton Babies for $20! 

  • Thin robes - and lots of them! Since I spent 4 days in the hospital it was nice to have clean one each day since it was the outer-most piece of clothes I had. It gave me modesty to wear my nursing tanks under and cover up for modesty and warmth. I have lived in them since I have got home as well.  I got a few a TJMaxx/Marshalls, Walmart, and Target. I got all of them to be 3/4 sleeves since I am short and I hate when you wash your hands and get the sleeves wet!
  • Belly Bandit - Since I had a C-section the hospital gave me a wrap, but I had already bought the Belly Bandit Bamboo and BFF. I like the BFF more than the Bamboo because it fits my curves better. I love the support it gives and I really do think it has helped everything go back in place. 
  • Nursing Tank Tops - I wore these each day in the hospital and now live in them at home. My favorite are the Bravado Nursing Tank - they are expensive at $50 each but Cotton babies had them on clearance for $28 or you can use a coupon Babies R Us. They come in Bra sizes which for me being a 36 E/F after giving birth was nice to have a great fit!
  • non-slip socks
  • MAKEUP! and Straightener! It was nice to feel pretty and like myself during a time when you have a ton of visitors, I was extremely swollen, and you have people checking on your private parts 100 times a day. 
  • My own underwear. I didn't wear the awesome mess undies for long. I bought soft undies from Target in a size larger than I normally am and in Black. 
  • Maxi Dresses - after a c section I wasn't loving the idea of throwing on pants but I needed to hide my grossly swollen legs. 
  • Scrapbook pages - Wes had the nurses put Avery's footprints on the pages and then we had our guests sign them for his scrapbook!
  • Journal - I bought an embossed Journal for Avery to record big life moments. Wes' mom journaled for me during delivery and the first day. I have wrote in each day since and I am SO glad I have. It is by far the only way we would actually remember what happened instead of piecing together the memories. I will definitely do this for each child. 
  • Tote bag - I brought an extra bag for Wes to take things home in after I wore them or didn't need them anymore and then he would bring stuff back in it each day
  • Technology! - Camera, Computer, chargers! 
  • Clothes for DAD!  Don't forget that Dad is staying too! We had Wes pack PJ's and normal clothes so he didn't look like a bum in all of Avery's first photos :)
  • Snacks!  I brough granola bars, gum, mints, and bananas

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

4 Weeks {5.17.2013} and ONE Month {5.19.2013}

4 Weeks Old and ONE MONTH

Nice and slow this week - just the way I like it! And Avery was more fussy this week so I think he needed all that attention and time I had to give him.

  • Saturday, May 11
    • Today was the big wedding day! I bought myself an extra hour by driving myself to the salon. I was going to bring Avery with me to have a few extra hours with him but decided last minute it was best for him to stay home. So I left the house at 8:30am and didn't get back until 11:30 that night. It was a lot of fun but hard not to see him at all all day. Grandma and Grandpa took him to the winery since the weather was perfect and then snuggled him at home the rest of the day. 
  • Sunday, May 12 - MOTHER'S DAY!!
    • It was my first Mother's Day! If you would have told me last year I would be a mom this year I would have had a lot of questions! But boy has this kid been the best thing that has ever happened to me! Since he is such a blessing we didn't do gifts for mother's/father's day for each other. Instead Wes took me and his mom to Eleven Eleven Mississippi for a brunch! It was perfect!
    • Then I went to visit my own mom and my 2 grandma's. It was nice to all be together, since they may not be here next year!
    • The King's stopped by to meet you! Lindsay is going to be his Godmother and we asked Wes' friend Josh to be his Godfather. We decided with the first baby to pick our oldest friends we have, since they are probably not going anywhere in our lives! Lindsay cried when I asked her, and I have really never seen her cry, so it meant a lot to me that she was so honored! 
  • Monday, May 13
    • Wes went back to work for his first full week since Avery was born. The second he got home he scooped him up for the rest of the night.  He was a bit fussy today, which isn't like him at all. Wanted to eat often and has diaper rash, and bubbly belly. All together I think he was just uncomfortable so we took it slow and cuddled all day.
    • We put Avery in the bassinet(pack and play) in our room for the first time instead of the Rock n' Play or Nap Nanny to sleep and he did really well for his first part of his night time sleep. He still wanted ti be held or have his pacifier held for him during the second part!
  • Tuesday, May 14
    • Emotional day for me. My mom sold my dad's 1964 Stingray Corvette over the weekend, without notice. So I headed to the place, Fast Lane Classic Cars in St. Charles to take some last photos of the car. With our next son, if we have one, I would like to a classic car/motorcycle theme and want to incorporate these photos into it. I cried for the first time in a while about missing my father and how much I wish he was here to meet Avery. He always said I would have the boys in the family :)!
    • When we left we stopped by to see Wes at work and show him off again! The rest of the day I snuggled him until Wes got home and did the same. Then we gave him his second real bath and he LOVED it this time. 
    • I used the baby bjourn tonight to get dinner done and do a few chores around the house before Wes got home! It was amazing to have 2 hands!
  • Wednesday, May 15
    • He ate every three hours and was in a super routine today! 
    • Officially grew out of the newborn clothes and I have begun packing them all up!
    • He went down (swaddled) in his bassinet at midnight after his feeding and slept until 3. Then he ate and went back down (swaddled) at 4am in the bassinet and slept until 8am! I got 7 hours of sleep and feel amazing!
  • Thursday, May 16
    • We had a really good sleep night! He slept in the pack and play bassinet from 12 to 3, ate and then from 4 to 8! It was absolutely amazing! 
    • Then I got a shower while he played in his bouncer seat!
    • Then I got to eat while he hung out in the Baby Bjourn carrier!
  • Friday, May 17 - 4 WEEKS OLD TODAY!
    • Lot of visitors today! Emily and Megan came to visit today! 
  • Saturday, May 18
    • We went to Erika and Paul's wedding and Avery's Godmother Lindsay and her boyfriend Nic babysat Mr. Avery from 5 to 11. 
  • Sunday, May 19
    • We slept in today and then Avery got in the Bjourn and we made Wes Breakfast in bed. The rest of the day was spent mainly snuggling our little man. 

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