Saturday, May 4, 2013

2 Weeks {5.3.2013}


This week Avery got his feeding schedule down! He pretty much feeds every three hours, except at night which he goes about 4 hours. 
Here is how our day goes: 
wake up with wet/dirty diaper 
+ diaper change 
+ feed for 45-60 minutes 
+ diaper change 
+ stay awake 20-30 minutes
+ nap 60+90 minutes 

Since Avery is the only thing on our to do list this is just fine with us!! Wes took another week off to help me around the house since I had surgery and had done too much the first week and really, really needed to scale back and relax. It was absolutely priceless to have him home with us for 2.5 weeks! I am going to be a mess on Monday when he leaves {except I have a doctor appointment at 11am, and am dropping him off at Wes' office for an hour :)! So Monday will fly by and Tuesday Avery will have a doctor appointment that morning - so the first "normal" day we have and Wes' isn't home for 12 hours I will be a HOT MESS.

Notes about the week:
  • Saturday, April 27
    • Wes and the uncles went to the Cardinals game and grandma Cindy and Jacklyn got to hold you all day.
  • Sunday, April 28
    • We had his first outing to a restaurant and took Grandma Cindy to lunch in Kimmswick to the Dough Depot. When we got home I fed him and left him for the first time to run errands to get groceries and Wes got 3 hours of snuggle time all to himself!
    • Kate Hamlin came by to meet him.
  • Monday, April 29
    • While dad was changing him he peed all over the bassinet - we laughed for a long time! 
    • I broke out in a rash all over my legs.  I googled it and it is probably a reaction to meds. Just itchy and irritating. 
  • Tuesday, April 30
    • We took our first walk today! It was short and up the hill in our subdivision and back down. It was 80+ degrees out and my feet are still swollen and I could only wear flip flops that wouldn't stay on my feet. If we lived in a subdivision with flat roads I would have went for a lot longer. 
    • He got his first hair wash today. We are waiting for his umbilical cord to fall off to give him his first real bath!
  • Wednesday, May 1
    • He stared to get the eye "goop" - clogged ducks today. We had to clean his eyes out every couple of hours and he hates it. 
  • Thursday, May 2
    • Extremely active kid! He scratched his face for the first time today, which is longer than I thought it would take since he always has his hands on his face if he is awake. He likes to move around a lot and can lift his head really far. 
  • Friday, May 3 - 2 weeks old!!!
    • We had a normal day today!! It rained all day and was 42 degrees so lots of relaxation and TV time. All of us {Wes, Emilie, Avery + 4 dogs LIVE in the living room now. We are in there about 15 hours a day! Since this was Wes' last work day at home, anytime I wasn't feeding him, Wes was holding him. They are such great buds already! Wes is an incredible dad and loves to be super hands on. 

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