Thursday, May 16, 2013

3 Weeks {5.10.2013}


Avery is 3 weeks old and it was Wes' 28th birthday and Cy's 5th birthday!

This week was insane and I am happy that the rest of my maternity leave should be a lot calmer than this - but we survived! 

Notes about this week:

  • Saturday, May 4
    • Hunger Pains! He feed almost every two hours!! Can we say growth spurt? After I ran errands we had a great night of snuggling and watching movies! 
  • Sunday, May 5
    • He is starting to stay awake longer and longer but so is his nursing. He loves to nurse for a strong 45 minutes but is now staying awake afterwards for about 30 minutes. 
  • Monday, May 6
    • Crazy busy day! Wes went back to work today! It took most the morning to get showered and get ready and then we headed to the city! I had my 2 week follow up doctor appointment so I had to drop Avery off at Wes' office for lunch. We appointment went great and my incision is healing up really well! Avery took his first bottle while at the office with dad! Then we had to run 100 errands for the wedding this weekend! He did amazing and we nursed at buy buy baby and then at Target too. Target was our last stop during our 8 hour extravaganza! At Target he nursed for 40 minutes in the dressing room and had 2 diaper blow outs and outfit changes! Needless to say we were ready to go home since that alone took 2 hours!
    • I also last week developed a rash - at this point I still thought it was a medicine reaction. I later found out it was a PUPPS rash. 1 out of 200 pregnancies get it and 1 out of about a million get it after pregnancy! Aren't I lucky! I have spent over $100 on itch creams this week!
  • Tuesday, May 7
    • Today we had Averys doctor appointment! He was back up to his birth weight of 8lbs 10 oz and is now 21.75" long (I didn't know most babies "shrink" after birth because of the cone head and boy did we have a cone head!). His height is still 90th percentile! 
    • 2 stops on the way home and he didn't make a sound! 
    • He is really starting to look like he will have blue eyes.
    • He is starting to grow out of his newborn clothes as well. All the long sleeve shirts look like 3/4 shirts so we washed up all the next size clothes!
    • His umbilical cord fell off!
  • Wednesday, May 8
    • Another busy day and boy can we not wait for a boring day!In between feedings we made a photobook for both grandmas for mothers day. Then I had to get my dress altered for the wedding. Then we went to the nail salon with the bridesmaids for manicures and pedicures and he slept through it all. He was eating about every 2 hours still and I cannot wait until his next appointment to see how much he has grown!
  • Thursday, May 9
    • More errands today :( The rehearsal dinner was this evening and since Avery is so hungry all the time we had 5 dirty diapers in 4 hours and ran out of diapers while at the dinner! Thank god the other bridesmaid is a new mom too! Everyone commented on how adorable and well behaved he was since he slept through most of the rehearsal and dinner. 
  • Friday, May 10
    • Daddy's Birthday!! And Cy's too!
    • 3 weeks old today!
    • Dad took off work but we cleaned the house for most the morning (happy birthday dad!). Grandma and Grandpa Ayers came in town to babysit for the wedding and we all went out to dinner for Wes' birthday! Avery slept the entire dinner again. Then I rocked him for a few hours knowing that Saturday I would be gone all day for the first time :(.

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