Thursday, May 2, 2013

Favorite Products {April}

For the first 2 weeks of life here are our favorite products so far.

This is probably Avery's favorite thing. He loves to hold it and it is constantly with him. It makes it a lot harder to lose his pacifier as well.

Aiden and Anais Swaddle blankets and Summer Infant SwaddleMe
Avery gets very upset and the second after he is swaddled he calms down and usually even falls asleep. I have to swaddle him a lot while nursing because is gets his hands in the way and pushes me away while trying to suck = counterproductive. The downside is, he calms down so much while nursing he often falls asleep :)

Ubbi / Diaper Pail
This thing is awesome! It is metal so it is sturdy and will last...and it takes any trash bag!

I LOVE MY PUMP! It is so small, battery operated and can be used as a single or double pump. I love that I can use the hands free bra and clip it to my pants and do things around the house or get ready in the morning. 

Mead New Mom Journal
This was a gift from my friend Shannon, and boy do we love it. We keep track of all feedings and diapers as well as doctor visits etc. This will be something I gift in the future!

Fisher-Price Newborn Rock 'n Play Sleeper
I thought we might use this when we travel or around the house, but we have used it for him to sleep in since we came home. I have had a bit of separation anxiety since we came home and I don't like him being far away. I like that he can be right next to me at night. In a few weeks I will upgrade him to his pack and play bassinet and then transition him to his crib before I go back to work. 

I love that our glider is leather - it makes cleaning a breeze. I love it reclines if I want to snuggle a little longer with Avery. I also love that it is soft and comfy!

By far one of the best things we have ever bought! It not only takes AMAZING pictures {without a flash in low light!!}, is compact, but it is SOOO easy to use!!

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