Thursday, May 23, 2013

Favorite Products {May}

After the first month of Avery's life here are some more products I have learned to LOVE!

My BreastFriend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
I orginally used the Boppy or just pillow to breast feed but I could not get comfortable! The pillow would slip and baby would fall and then I am trying to hold up my son while feeding him for 45-60 minutes - it was not FUN! I had heard about this pillow and it is AMAZING! It secures to you and is flat and hard for the baby to lay on. It also has an awesome pouch to put things like your phone, pacifiers, etc! My #1 Favorite product!

Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Bouncer
Avery loves this thing, especially if he is in a content mood after feeding, I can sit him it and do things like TAKE A SHOWER!

Baby Bjorn Baby Carrier
This has been a lifesaver and honestly dinner would not get made without it. If Avery is fussy and won't let me put him down I can always put him in here and then go about my chores that need to get done by a certain time or do my hair and makeup if we are trying to leave.

Leachco Podster Lounger
I got this without registering for it and thought OH GREAT add it to the 100 other baby holders we have {swing, Nap Nanny, Rock and Play, Boopy, Bouncer, etc} but it really gets its use in our house! At night if AVery won't let me put him in his bed he can usually got down in here and then he is not sleeping on us or next to us but yet we can hold his pacifier in or just twirl his hair. We use it a lot on the couch as well, then we can multitask. And recently I have used it when he gets out of the bath to put his lotion on and wrap him up in his towel. 

Fisher-Price Snugabunny Swing
So far during the day Avery does not take naps well in his crib or bassinet (they last about 20 minutes). But if we put him in the swing he will sleep for an hour plus!

Chicco Lulaby Play Yard
We set the pack and play up in our bedroom for the bassinet but I love the changing station on it. We use this this all day everyday! I think we will keep in it our room until he is 3 months old and full time in his bedroom. 

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