Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hospital Bag and Packing

I had a really hard time packing my hospital bag and obsessed about what to take and not take. After 35 weeks I had my bags in my car except my makeup and other stuff I used daily.  After I got my induction date I repacked my final bags, and removed 2 whole bags. I have to say I used 90 percent of what I brought and I am really thankful for what I did bring. 

To come up with the list I asked friends, googled, and just thought about I would take on vacation.

Here is the main list and what I recommend:

  • Hospital Gown - I bought and wore my own gown! And It was one of my favorite things I did! Every single nurse comments on how much they loved it and it made me feel a little more human! I got it at Cotton Babies for $20! 

  • Thin robes - and lots of them! Since I spent 4 days in the hospital it was nice to have clean one each day since it was the outer-most piece of clothes I had. It gave me modesty to wear my nursing tanks under and cover up for modesty and warmth. I have lived in them since I have got home as well.  I got a few a TJMaxx/Marshalls, Walmart, and Target. I got all of them to be 3/4 sleeves since I am short and I hate when you wash your hands and get the sleeves wet!
  • Belly Bandit - Since I had a C-section the hospital gave me a wrap, but I had already bought the Belly Bandit Bamboo and BFF. I like the BFF more than the Bamboo because it fits my curves better. I love the support it gives and I really do think it has helped everything go back in place. 
  • Nursing Tank Tops - I wore these each day in the hospital and now live in them at home. My favorite are the Bravado Nursing Tank - they are expensive at $50 each but Cotton babies had them on clearance for $28 or you can use a coupon Babies R Us. They come in Bra sizes which for me being a 36 E/F after giving birth was nice to have a great fit!
  • non-slip socks
  • MAKEUP! and Straightener! It was nice to feel pretty and like myself during a time when you have a ton of visitors, I was extremely swollen, and you have people checking on your private parts 100 times a day. 
  • My own underwear. I didn't wear the awesome mess undies for long. I bought soft undies from Target in a size larger than I normally am and in Black. 
  • Maxi Dresses - after a c section I wasn't loving the idea of throwing on pants but I needed to hide my grossly swollen legs. 
  • Scrapbook pages - Wes had the nurses put Avery's footprints on the pages and then we had our guests sign them for his scrapbook!
  • Journal - I bought an embossed Journal for Avery to record big life moments. Wes' mom journaled for me during delivery and the first day. I have wrote in each day since and I am SO glad I have. It is by far the only way we would actually remember what happened instead of piecing together the memories. I will definitely do this for each child. 
  • Tote bag - I brought an extra bag for Wes to take things home in after I wore them or didn't need them anymore and then he would bring stuff back in it each day
  • Technology! - Camera, Computer, chargers! 
  • Clothes for DAD!  Don't forget that Dad is staying too! We had Wes pack PJ's and normal clothes so he didn't look like a bum in all of Avery's first photos :)
  • Snacks!  I brough granola bars, gum, mints, and bananas

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