Sunday, July 28, 2013

THREE MONTHS OLD!! {7.19.2013}

9 Weeks Old - June 21 thru 27
Big Thyroid speciaist appointment! You weighed 13 lbs, 23.5 inches. Got blood work done. Grandma cut your nails for the first time and cut you - opps! Grandpa Ayers came in town. Snuggle Bug! Doctor called back and said your numbers looked good and hopefully no Thyroid problems ( one more visit left). Loving to talk and coo. Sleeps longer when swaddled. More interested in other babies and doggies. Lunch dates with Drew Menz. Girls night with Ellie Grellner (and you first kiss!! Chirstina and Haley Meyer babysat you. Can we call you a ladies man or what? Went to Aliece's baby shower and met Megan Westman's son Luke.  Loves to get kisses. Met Great grandma Ruth Ayers, and Great Aunts Ti and Debbie.

10 Weeks Old - June 28 thru July 4
TONS of snuggling!! Loving to talk and coo. A lot of tummy time. Sleeping through the night and likes to be swaddled. Dad took off of work for family time. Mom's last week of maternity leave. Two month baby visit. Got shots. 14 pounds 7 ounces. 24.5 inches long. 90% height & 80% weight. Loves to stand. Sat in high chair for the first time and giggled the whole time. Uncle Drew and Jackie babysat while we went to Shannon's wedding. Drew changed his first diaper. Play date with Haley and Christina. Drove to Canton for cousin Braylin's birthday party and 4th of July weekend. Met Great Grandpa Robert Ayers and Great Grandma & Grandma Humphrey.

11 Weeks Old - July 5 thru 11
Drove back from Canton. Spent the weekend cuddling. Mommy went back to work. Grandma Cindy is staying to take care of Avery for 4 weeks. Go for walks in the park each morning. Love to watch the doggies. Likes to take naps while being held. Fitting in 6 month clothes. Likes to be sang and talked to and responds back with cooing and smiling. Christina and Haley babysat for 2 days.

12 Weeks Old - July 12 thru 18
Went to the mall. Went to Vince and Emily's pool and he slept on the lounger almost the entire time. Went to visit Great Grandma Betty and Grandma Michelle. Starting to grab toys and faces. Used the last size one diaper - boy did we stretch that a little too far! Thyroid Specialist appoint and blood work done (grandma and dad took him - mom had to work). 15 pounds 4 ounces. 25 1/4 inches. Didn't cry while getting blood drawn. Went to the pool with Dad, Grandma, and Uncle Drew. Loves bathtime and is splashing like crazy.

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