Friday, July 26, 2013

TWO MONTHS OLD! {6.19.2013)

This last month flew by and it became harder and harder to imagine putting Avery down knowing that soon enough  I would be away from my little man for 10 hours a day after being inseparable for the last 11 weeks.  Our new schedule will have Wes dropping off at the sitter and me picking up. On a good day we all will leave the house at 7:15 and I will pick up at 5:30 (10.25 hours) on a busier day he will leave around 7am and I will pick up at 6pm (11 hours). This seems unimaginable to me right now to be away from him for 11 hours a day! No more working until 10pm anymore - unless I am at home and my baby is in bed sleeping and doesn't want to be snuggled.

So from Approximately 4 weeks to 8 weeks old these are some of the highlights of Avery's life.

4 Weeks Old - May 17 thru May 23
Lindsay King (Avery's Godmother babysit (we had another wedding). One Month old! Lots and Lots of Snuggles. Making lots of sounds and cooing. Cracking smiles. Eyes following us. Loves to be sang to. 

5 Weeks Old - May 24 thru May 30
Another big outting (Brandon and Kate's wedding rehearsal) and grandma Ayers watched him. Tummy time lead to his FIRST time rolling over!!! Blood work done for a possible Thyroid problem. Went to the specialist for Thyroid problem. Tuesday he weighted 10 lbs 15 oz. Lots of play time and tummy time. More rolling over. Loves toys that make sounds and move. Thursday he weighed 11 lbs, 6 oz and were 22.25 inches. Slept 5 hours straight! Last newborn diaper!

6 Weeks Old - May 31 thru June 6
Uncle Drew, Aunt Jacklyn, and Otis move in. First baby social event - Drew Menz's first birthday party! Making funny faces. Loves to flirt. Snorng and drolling while snuggling with Dad. You got a cold - back to the doctor. 12 lbs (gained a pound in a week!). Slept 7.5 hours straight! Like to watch his baby videos. Loves to be sung to. Loves of play time each day. 

7 Weeks Old - June 7 thru June 13
Extended tummy time and can hold your head up for long periods of time. Loves playtime and watching videos and being sung to during them. Eat, Play, Sleep. Loves to take naps while being cuddled.  Sleeping through the night most nights. Went to Grant's Farm for Anheuser Busch Procurement Picnic. 

8 Weeks Old - June 14 thru June 20
3 month clothes are getting snug. We are over 13 lbs. Loves to be read to and tries to talk back. Hate to have diaper changes. LOVES bath time. Sleeping 7-8 hours. Loves to FLIRT! Finalizing daycare for you. Broke out in a heat rash from going to Grants Farm. 

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