Saturday, July 27, 2013

Wes's Job Front

Pretty much since I started my new jobs last summer Wes started his job search as well. He wanted to be in an organization that had more levels to advance and grow, somewhere he would have fun, and most importantly be closer to home. Well the options were limited outside the one and only AB. The problem is that Wes and I cannot work in the same department and there isn't a ton of other departments that are easy to get into.  A few months later a co-worker left his company and started at AB as a contractor as a Category Analyst, which falls under Sales and Trade. This job is perfect for getting into the beer industry as well as the AB world. He went for his first interview in late 2012. He didn't get hired that round and didn't hear back for a while. Then about 8 months later got a call to come back in! Friday is put in his notice at work and starts Monday at his new job! 

This means car pooling most days together which should be nice time for me and Wes to see each other a little more. He will be working on the 3rd floor and I sit on the 5th floor. Most days we will not see each other throughout the day unless we plan to do lunch together. We are excited about the new adventure and where this opportunity will take him! We are so PROUD of HIM! WOO HOO!

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