Tuesday, September 3, 2013

FOUR MONTHS OLD!!! {8.19.2013}

13 Weeks Old - July 19 thru 25
Mommy's 2nd Week back to work! LOVES tummy time. Scooting more and more. 3 Months old. Loves bath time. Got BAD news from the doctor that your TSH levels went back up and you started Synthroid for your Thyroid disease. Takes medicine each morning before we eat through a syringe. Grandpa Steve came in town and we went to the wineries. 

14 Weeks Old - July 25 thru August 1
A lot more playful and awake for longer periods of time. Eat about 5oz per feeding. Starting to really notice hands and want them in your mouth. Drooling a ton and showing signs of teething. Standing with just holding our hands. LOVE tummy time and scooting. Holds mommys hair and rips it out :).  Giggle and laugh the most at the fan and other objects that light up and move. Like to get in walker and can push backwards. 

15 Weeks Old - August 2 thru 8
Grandma Cindy's last week watching you. Went out for sushi to celebrate dad's NEW JOB! Went to the Vince and Emily Fels' Pool. Cuddle time with Amanda and Josh Steggeman. Uncle Jordan, Uncle Brad, Josh Welker, Brian Leone, Grandpa Steve, all came in town for St. Pius Golf Tournament. Went to the wineries with Uncle Drew and Jacklyn, Grandma, and Grandpa. Loved seeing all the fans. Starting to get up in the night to feed again. First day at DAYCARE at Happy Home Daycare with Natalie Perry and her son Jaxon. Rolled from your BACK to FRONT!! 

16 Weeks Old - August 9 thru 15
Rolling everywhere - very mobile child. Ellie's 1st Birthday party. Lots of kisses from Ellie :)!! More vocal. Last week with our roommates - Jackie and Drew left. Grandma came back in town. First night in your own room sleeping in your crib. One year ago we found out 8-14 we were pregnant. Very talkative. More playful. Playing with your hands and feet. Grabbing toys better. 

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