Monday, January 6, 2014

SEVEN MONTHS OLD!!! {11.19.2013}

26 Weeks Old - October 18 thru October 24
Big doctor appoints. Bloodwork was awful to watch again, I sang to him and he seemed better than last time. I dread the day he knows it is coming. 18 lbs 6 oz (50-75%). 40% in head. 28 inches (95%). Cousin Braylin and Aunt Jessica and Uncle Brad came in town to go to the zoo and spent the night with us. Dad and Brad went to game 6  of the NL Championship and the Cardinals are going to the World Series. Saturday was a lazy day home. Sunday we went to church and then to play with the Meyers and watch football while the mom's got pedicures. 

27 Weeks Old - October 25 thru October 31
Lot of pushups and crawling positions. Went for a playdate at the Sinclairs with Andrew (7 weeks) and David (15 months).  Grandma and Grandpa Ayers came back in town. My supply dropped and we are exclusively nursing at home and feeding every 3-4 hours. I got a really bad cold and Mastitis and missed 2 days of work. Thankfully Avery didn't hey sick. Lots of Avery Snuggles over the weekend. And Sunday October 27 was baptism day. Lindsay King and Josh Welker were his Godparents. First Halloween! We stayed home and Avery dressed as a puppy. 

28 Weeks Old - November 1 thru November 7
We went to the Fels' Halloween Party and we all dressed as Dogs/Puppies. My mastitis moved to the other side and we had to try our first formula bottle. Avery cried and spit it out. Took one at daycare and now take 1 formula bottle everyday to supplement. Suppose to go to Rathmans baby shower and my nap lasted 6 hours!! Tired mommy. We introduced apples and bananas into the picky eaters diet and he likes eating more. I was able to sneak some veggies in there too. 

29 Weeks Old - November 8 thru November 14
Staying awake longer between naps. Decided to not like eating food again. Getting up 1-2 times a night. Chewing and drooling. Loves to be sang to - especially ABC's and Wheels on the Bus. Laughs hard when Dad whistles. Loves to kissed and tickled. Very interested in the puppies and likes to pet them, roll on them, lay on them. Lots of yelling, grunting, growling. 

30 Weeks Old - November 15 thru November 21

Day off with Avery! First formula supplement bottle. One formula bottle a day. Mom got mastitis. Mom took a 6 hour nap (longest sleep since Avery was born!!). Introduced apples and bananas into diet. Sneaking peas, carrots, and sweet potatoes in as well. Much more active. Going longer between naps BUT nap long and hard. Still up 1-2 times a night. Chew and drool monster. Working on upper teeth coming in. Almost a full crawler. Doing lots of push ups. Pulls legs up but not moving forward. LOVES being sang to (especially Wheels on the Bus & ABC's). Likes to watch Bubble Guppies and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Deep belly laughs when dad kisses and tickles. Very interested in the puppies...rolling on them, petting them, reaching for them. Lots of grunting and yelling. 

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