Sunday, February 23, 2014

NINE MONTHS OLD!!! {1.19.2014}

35 Weeks Old - December 20 thru 26
On the MOVE! Pulling up on things, mostly on the knees. Eating a lot better, 3 times per day eating purees. Tolerating veggies better. Loves apples, blueberries, and bananas the most.  Grandma & Grandpa Ayers came in town. Showing more emotions and gets really excited when we pick up from daycare! Reaching for us!!! Working hard on the next teeth. Barely fits in any 6 month clothes and size 3 shoes are getting tight. Went to 2 Christmas parties (the Robinson's and the Wunch's). Party animal. 

36 Weeks Old - December 27 thru January 2
Mommy’s 29th Birthday.  Grandma and Grandpa Ayers came into town to see Great Aunt Debbie, Ty, and Great Grandma Ruth and we went to lunch at the Blue Owl. Went to Anheuser Busch Tour of Lights. Had a small party for New Years Eve. Went to the Menz’ for a playdate with Drew and Cora Barklage J. Got Bacterial Pink eye. 20 lbs 8 oz. Working hard on two new top teeth. Woke up a few nights with uncomfort. Eating more foods, and like yogurt, and all kinds of fruit and veggie purees. Went back to daycare after a 2 week break!!!

37 Weeks Old - January 3 thru January 9
Mommy got sick! Huge winter storm came through and we got over 9 inches of snow and temperatures below zero.  Stayed home from work and school Monday. Climbed the dog stairs for the first time!! We didn’t know you could and of course did it the second we left the room! So proud of himself! Cousin Paycen Mickenna was born 1-6-14.

38 Weeks Old - January 10 thru January 16
Went to the Wunch’s for a game night with the Barklages and got to see Ms. Cora again. You stayed up very late, you like to party! Started using all your toys. Love to push, and walk and run behind them. 

39 Weeks Old - January 17 thru January 23
Went to Canton to meet Paycen, See Grandma Cindy for her birthday and celebrate Christmas with great grandma and grandpa Humphrey finally!! You got to open more presents, still loved the wrapping paper. Went to fancy restaurant, only kid in the place and did great! Stood by yourself for the first time!! SAID DA DA {FIRST WORDS}! Went to visit mom’s old co-workers. Went the Elliots to have a playdate with Charlee. Had a fever from Monday to Thursday L! Ms. Natalie is pregnant and you will have another buddy at daycare! Weaned himself off breastfeeding. Nursed for the last time. 

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