Sunday, February 23, 2014

TEN MONTHS OLD!!! {2.19.2014}

40 Weeks Old - January 24 thru January 30
Had Valentine’s pictures taken. Cuddle bug and very clingy from being sick and teething pains. Started sleeping through the night again from about 8:30 pm to 6 am-ish. We stopped getting up unless you are really crying and not just whimpering. Starting to eat larger and chunkier foods with out gagging or throwing up.  Really love to feed yourself, but if the food is too think you save it for hours in your cheeks.  Apollo dog went to doggie heaven.  

41 Weeks Old - January 31 thru February 6
Went to your 9 month checkup and shots. 20 lbs  2 oz (60%). 30.5 inches (98%). Lost 6 oz but grew 1.5 inches in 7 weeks. Officially half of mommy’s height! Barely cried during shots. Working on sign language: more, all done, hi, bye, eat, change diaper, night night. Had a small super bowl party.  Love using the car walker in the basement and zooming all over the place. Learned how to make it through doorways and tight places in it.  Dropped your baby bed to the lowest setting and now mom is too short to put you in bed without you waking up!!  Getting into a bad habit of waking up in the middle of the night and not wanting to go back to bed, so we bring you to our bed, trying to quit that.  Started brushing your teeth!

42 Weeks Old - February 7 thru February 13
Friday we went to the Meyer’s house for a playdate with Haley.  Saturday we went to the Rathman’s for playdate with the newest Rathman, baby Brinley and baby Sloan Ragan. So many girlfriends, so little time. Wild man kept knocking everything over and running to the sliding glass window. Shared your puffs with the dog and your toys as well. Pooped in the bathtub! Peed on the living room floor. While you eat in your high chair you share your food with the pups. One for Avery, one for the doggie, one for Avery.  Went to Vince and Emily’s for a game night and you were very interested in their cat, who didn’t like you nearly as much.  You play your heart out these days, and anything dangerous you go right for it, why not? Still working on sign language and getting you to sleep through the night.

43 Weeks Old - February 14 thru February 20
First Valentines Day! Sent out your cute valentines to all your girilfriends! 10 MONTHS OLD!!! Only 3 days of daycare, grandma filled in the rest. Mom and Dad went on their first date night that wasn’t a wedding or a work even {dinner and a concert}. Mom had Monday off and we made the most of it. Went to our first Gymboree class. Went to visit Megan Crain and went for a walk in Webster. Then we headed to my girl’s night, which you slept right through and woke up when we got home.  Top 2 teeth broke thru. Overtired and sleepy these days. Becoming more and more animated. Loves loves loves when we pant like a dog. You can go from crying to laughing in 1 pant. You also love to share things, especially your wub, you put in our mouth and back in yours and so on, and laugh so hard! Still love the dog stairs, feeding yourself, and playing with my shoes.  Went to visit great grandma Betty and literally was climbing over uncle David’s doggie. 

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