About me

The hard thing for me is that I love so many different things - Photography - organizing - charity/non profits - and business.  When I left for college I was a journalism major.  The yearbook layout and design inspired me and I thought I would be photojournalism or magazine editing or design. 

My very first semester I had an AHH HAA moment that what I was good at was leading and managing organizations and then I put that into lots of practice.  I changed my major to Administrative Management and my life has never been the same since.  I met my husband Wes, first day of junior year in a management class. He was the same major and we took the rest of our classes for undergrad and graduate school together.

So while most kids were playing teacher I played business...which was just a start to what the future would hold.  My parents own a Honda and Suzuki motorcycle dealership.  They started it in 1977 and I was born in 1984.  I literally grew up in the shop and I never really knew how much I loved small business.  

I get most of my skills from my father.  He was a great leader and employer. He was fair but serious.  He played just as hard if not harder than he worked and he was extremely passionate about it.  
Dad at the shop in the early days

The shop circa 1977

Dad at his peak of his racing career

Dad at the shop Christmas party weeks before he passed

In 1987 he was told he had 1 year to live.  I was 2 and my sister was 5 and my parents had the business to worry about also. This was a game changer! My dad always lived life as if there were no tomorrow but now he had to be more cautious with his business decisions and expansion was out of the question because he had no idea how many days he had left.  His ultimate dream was to have a Honda Car Dealership.  And being the apple of my fathers eye and somewhat a clone of him I took on this dream at a young age. 
Dad after his first liver transplant


My father passed away in January of 2011.  We talked often about the future but we both knew with the economy and his healthy in poor condition the timing was just not right.  I know it still isn't right.  I am still learning and growing but everyday I am one day closer to getting to my dream.

Dad and I in London on a trip with Honda in 2008

Dad and I in California on a trip with Honda in 2001

Dad and I in California on a trip with Honda in 2001

Dad and I on a trip with Suzuki at Disney World in 1989

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