Leadership for me was something I was born with but have worked very hard to improve on.  I have learned to delegate, to listen, to not jump to conclusions.  I have worked with great leaders and really quite poor leaders.  When you have worked with the best it is hard to settle for anything less.

Where it all began:
In high school I was STUCO pres and Senior Editor of the yearbook.  I actually remember very little of this time in my life.  It was spent sleeping 4-5 hours a night and practically living at my high school.  This was before I learned to delegate.  When I left everyone said "what are we going to do without you." To be honest I had never though of the exit plan?  What would they do without me? I did it all and loved every second of it. But what I did not do was even more important.  Every event minus one (grandparents day! this year is the 10th year they have had it!) was gone within a year.  My hard work lasted 365 days instead of years.  This was when I learned the hard truth that everything has a beginning and an end and it is always important in any organization or business to plan the beginning, middle, and end. Planning for your departure is just as important as what happens in between.

Delta Zeta


Up til Dawn - St Judes

All of us are born for a reason,
but all of us don't discover why.
Success in life has nothing to do with what
you gain in life or accomplish for yourself.
It's what you do for others.
-Danny Thomas ( Founder of St.Judes)


"Nothing great was ever done with out enthusiasm" - Emerson
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